end-to-end travel and expense management


E2 Solutions makes it easy for you to track and manage your government travel expenses from pre-trip planning to post travel approvals, reimbursement and auditing.

With the E2 Solutions platform, you can:

  • Create and track traveler authorizations
  • Get approvals
  • Submit vouchers
  • Receive reimbursements
  • Book travel reservations
  • Manage trips 

And more, all in one streamlined, easy-to-use system.

E2 Solutions Benefits

E2 Solutions is powered by SABRE/GetThere and operates across GDS platforms. It is compliant with all federal regulations and integrates with core business systems. Our team handles all change management issues and offers exceptional travel agent services, so your agency saves money and can act within federal travel regulations.

Benefits of using E2 Solutions include:

  • Pre-trip approval process feeding directly to your expense report
  • Online reservations and travel management services including instant access to flight schedules
  • Foreign currency conversion for international travelers
  • Intuitive and consistent step-by-step navigation for usability
  • A robust computational engine including per diem with consideration for days off
  • Customizable application messaging and email templates to stay in touch with your travelers
  • Robust audit features using customized settings to route documents
  • Integration with, and the ability to split payments to your credit card vendors
  • Real time integration with customer business systems to reduce your reimbursement cycle times
  • A talented implementation and program management team to support effective deployments and keep your travelers safe and on schedule

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